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With our 24 / 7 hour translation services, here at the Official Farsi Translation Office, all your documents and credentials ranging from the birth certificate to university transcripts are officially translated from Farsi to English meeting your outmost expectations. To accommodate translation process, through our mailing services, we have solved the distance problem. Customers could simply send in the original Farsi documents and receive the official translation in a matter of a day or two business days. This is why we receive numerous Farsi translation requests from places as close as London to areas as far as Fort McMurray, Alberta, and Saskatoon in Saskatchewan. The very last moment official translations are also done at our Toronto translation office thanks to the committed round - the – clock translators aiming at serving the Iranian as well as the other Farsi speaking population.

The people behind the magic

Here is the team Official Farsi Translation:

Valiallah Ebrahimi Head Translator - ATIO certified

As far as I can recall, I have found myself enthusiastic in the English Language and Literature. Upon receiving my B.A., I had an opportunity to teach this exciting language at Shokoo’s Language Institute, as one of the renowned teaching centers in Teheran. Later on, I managed to receive my M.A. in TEFL, and joined the Foreign Languages Department at the Islamic Azad University as a faculty member. Meanwhile, I tried my hand in translating miscellaneous articles in the Art and Culture Desk at the Iran Daily English newspaper, lasting for more than four years. My milestone in translation took shape once I decided to translate an educational book in utilizing the multiple Intelligences to develop the childs mind, originally written by Dr. Robert Fisher. The translation of a documentary book written by Ryszard Kapuscinski was my second successful implementation of theoretical aspects of translation into practice. To acculturate myself with the new environment, Canada, I went through an intensive course to receive my TESL certification. It was in early 2007 that I joined the Everest Canada. Ever since, I have been teaching all soft skills to those whose goal is to land a new career. Helping the Farsi speaking applicants in different disciplines entering Everest College has been my main concern in the recent years. I am content to say that, my team and I, have successfully assisted all those in need of excellent quality in translation both in academic and non academic areas.

Nahid Ahmadi Office Manager

My post-secondary education, unlike my secondary education which entailed math and physics, was language oriented. Residing in Tehran, I availed myself with a chance to continue my studying in TEFL, at the Tarbiat Moallem (Teachers’ Training) center of the Azad University, receiving B.A., in teaching English as a foreign language. Later on, I found myself interested in studying International Law, and managed to enter the Master of Arts at Tehran Azad University Central Branch, in which I enjoyed attending the classes taught by the very well-seasoned law professors, most of whom were faculty members at Tehran University. The long- planned immigration to Canada, sadly, put an end to my unfinished education in International Law in Iran. Here in Toronto; however, I could somehow pursue my Law oriented education, and received my paralegal license as the member of the Law Society of Upper Canada. At the Official Farsi Translation Office, we provide certified translation in Farsi to English combination. We do strive to obtain our clients consent to the highest degree possible through professional, accurate, and timely translation of all documents requiring official translation.

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